Do you have listing need to sell quick

Will Buy Your Listing Now

We work with lots of agents and have bought hundreds of properties from homeowners. When we buy a listing you refer, you represent both sides PLUS you get an additional 1% Finder's Bonus for your hard work. Call us at (951) 800-0023, or simply fill out the form to refer a listing

Refer Your Listing

If you have a listing that need TLC and you believe it would be a good fit, please call us, or reply to this email with the property details. We will do a desktop appraisal and quickly provide our verbal offer

Seller Accepts Our Offer

If your seller and our company agree on a price, you would then write up the RPA. After the agreement is signed, we would then open escrow immediately. You would represent both us & Seller in the transaction

Getting Your 1% Finder's Bonus

We honor your listing agreement with your seller PLUS we pay an additional 1% Finder's Bonus for your hard work. This 1% Finder's Bonus is paid directly to you through escrow. Depending on your listing agreement, that could be up to 7%!!!!